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Company: Guizhou Meiyi Holistic Home Co., Ltd.

         Tel: 15885022083

Website: www.meiyiidea.com

Location: 11-2, 2nd floor, C District, Zhejiang Shangcheng City, Guiyang City

              Guiyang Southwest Furniture City Customization Hall A1-64

              B218 Jiacheng Home Building Material Museum, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

              Baita Road City, Chengyang District, Qingdao City 4-109-1

              B-8030, 2nd floor, MALL, Xingyijia Home, Duyun City

              A2-8027/8028, Second Floor, Yijia Mall, Donghongxing, Guiyang City


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Meiyi Home is a modern digital furniture customization enterprise which integrates product development, design, production, sales and service. Main products are wardrobe, bookcase, shoe cabinet, cabinet and other board furniture.

Meiyi Home Brand, focusing on one-to-one, customized model research and active practice, will be a long-term customized culture, into each customized home products, into ordinary people's homes.

Beauty always takes health and environmental protection as its responsibility, and takes creativity and design as its soul. From material selection to production and manufacture, it is critically critical. It carries out product creation from different perspectives, covering fashionable modern, post-modern, new luxury style, simple European, European and children style series products, to meet people's constant pursuit of individualized creative life products. Quality requirements, become the creative home customization industry.

After years of development, we have obtained the quality certification of "National 3C", "1S09001" and other products.


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