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Notes and Dimensions for Flat Opening Doors

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Notes and Dimensions for Flat Opening Doors

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Notes and Dimensions for Flat Opening Doors

How much is the depth of open door wardrobe set? In fact, as long as we do an experiment, we can easily find that when the clothes hang up, the sleeve will naturally extend out about 30 mm, two sleeves are 60 mm, that is to say, the wardrobe depth of our wardrobe needs at least 540 mm to ensure that the clothes hang in the wardrobe will not be squeezed because the closing door or Hold the sleeve when closing the cabinet door. The depth of open door wardrobe, also need to take into account the beauty, space and other issues. Considering all other factors, the depth of the wardrobe that is popular in China is 550 mm.

Choose Guizhou customized wardrobe, try to choose 550 mm depth, which is the current production standard, in order to more scientific and reasonable placement of your clothes.

Customized Wardrobe Open Flat Door

Open-door wardrobe mainly relies on the traditional way of opening doors by linking the door panels and cabinet body with a pipe hinge. Words depend on materials and hardware. Customized wardrobe functions can be said to be rich. Without considering space use, it is a very good choice. Special attention should be paid to the quality of wardrobe doors, which is the key to the life of wardrobes.

Advantages of Open-door Wardrobe

1. It's much cheaper than a sliding door wardrobe.

2. Open-door wardrobes used to look relatively simple, but now there are many innovations, such as the more popular European wardrobes, shutters open-door cabinets, panels and glass open-door cabinets, and painted glass.

3. Flat-open doors generally need to pay attention to hardware, that is, hinges. The quality of hinges directly affects the service life of doors. Flat-open door has better sealing property and better dust-proof performance than moving door. It can open cabinet door completely.

4. Classic + customized wardrobe door handle is a classic T-shaped metal handle, which feels good. The hinges and other hardware used in the wardrobe can be configured according to the customized requirements.

Of course, flat door wardrobe is more afraid of damp deformation and insufficient use of space and other shortcomings in home furnishings, there are still many limitations. At present, there is no defect in the door-moving wardrobe.

Dimensions of open door wardrobe

The size of the open wardrobe door is usually chosen according to the actual situation. For example, we can see that the wider the width of a wardrobe door, the larger the size according to the regulations. After the same size is bigger, we can also ensure that our open space is larger to a large extent, and the visual effect will be more obvious for all of us. So a size is not only a question of reasonable use, but also a question of whether we can achieve the overall aesthetic effect.


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