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How to pick out the right cabinet?

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How to pick out the right cabinet?

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How to pick out the right cabinet?

When we order cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other cabinets in the building materials market or online, we are easily confused by various terms of sales. One said that "solid wood particulate board" is more environmentally friendly, the other said that "ecological board" uses less glue, the other said that "paint-free board" has a shorter construction period, and the other said that "paint-baked board" only shows grade... But if you grab hold of the sales and want to smooth out the terms of these XX boards, you will soon be able to make them dizzy.

When we say that this cabinet/wardrobe is not good-looking, durable and environmentally friendly, we actually consider the quality of the veneer, the base material, the glue and the edge of these boards. From these four dimensions, we can get the effect of drawing clouds and seeing the sun immediately.

Five Golden Flowers in Decoration

Many board science popularization explains what board ABCD is, and then talks about board decoration EFG cloud, like a dry NOUN explanation. This time, let's change the pattern, first teach you how to judge people by their appearance, and then see what's inside. So let's start with five common patterns on the market.

Solid wood veneer: artificial core

In order to save wood resources, sticking bark of precious wood species on wood-based panels has become a very popular practice. For example, walnut and cherry wood can be cut into 0.1-1 mm thick bark and coated with artificial panels. Solid wood veneer can not only save costs, but also allow more people to enjoy the smooth natural pattern at home, the price is higher in five golden flowers.

Double Decoration Panel: A Stereotype with Solid Wood Veneer

Nickname: Melamine board, paint-free board, eco-board

Although solid wood veneer improves the efficiency of wood use, good-looking bark is still rare and expensive. So the merchants developed a way to stick decorative paper on the artificial board. These decorative paper have simple and generous plain color, but also very close to the real wood veneer imitation wood grain, the potential for color is considerable. Because the board has to be decorated with decorative paper before and after, so it is called double decorative panel.

The double decorative panel was originally a hard and simple board, which was both affordable and beautiful. But for the sake of catering to the market, the merchant has taken other names: if named after solvent, it is melamine board; because the formaldehyde content of this solvent is much lower than that of other solvents, it has the name of "ecological board"; and some people divide all boards into painted and unpainted ones, such as double decorative panels. Lacquer-free panels are commonly called "paint-free panels".

The above name sounds very healthy, but it has little to do with the environmental protection of the board. The amount of formaldehyde released is not in the decoration, but in the substrate. The key to determine the formaldehyde emission is whether the glue used in the base material and the edge of the seal are good or not.

So, when you buy cabinets and bathroom cabinets made of double decorative panels, you need to consider three factors: do you like the color? Is the edge of the plate damaged? Has the environmental protection level in the quality inspection report reached the level of E1 (glue is not good to see, mainly depends on the quality inspection report)? If all three conditions are met, you can place an order.

PP Film: Apprentice

After that, let's talk about the stickers. What if someone likes a high-gloss, matte finish? Paper can't do that again. There is a separate method: plaster plastic film.

PP film is a kind of light will have the feeling of acrylic panel, make matte is low-key and texture, both styles can be competent. However, the PP film only sticks on the front, and the back is a paper like a double-faced panel, with normal edge sealing.

Plastic Absorption: 360 Degree Patch King

What if you don't like flat cabinet doors and want to make some shapes? In fact, there is another way to paste film, using PVC film to wrap the whole cabinet door, and then press out the required shape. PVC film has good ductility, strong sealing, no need to seal edges, commonly known as plastic absorption.

Baking and spraying paint:

The front said that the double decorative panel is also called "paint-free panel". It sounds very healthy, but in fact, it has little to do with the environmental protection of the ring. On the contrary, after the use of oily paint, a thick paint film can be formed on the surface of wood-based panels, which has strong sealing property and no need to seal edges.

However, there are two easily confused processes, namely, baking paint and spraying paint. The process of baking paint is long and complex, and the cost is very high. At least three primers and four topcoats should be applied, and each time they are finished, they should be sent to the dust-free paint workshop for high temperature curing. You can understand it as nail varnish, each coat should be baked in a small box. This way, even if you do housework every day, nail polish will not drop, not afraid of scratches, but also keep bright as new.

The spraying process is less primer and high temperature curing links, the color is not as bright and bright as baking paint, the film is not so thick, hardness and ratio are also less. Just like ordinary nail polish, it can only be played on its own. It looks less bright than gum.

Although there is a great difference between baking and spraying boards, it does not mean that spraying boards are not worthwhile. Baking lacquer board can create gorgeous and dazzling effect. Spray-painted boards belong to common consumer goods, the effect is not so strong but also durable enough to take care of some special-shaped boards that can not be pasted with paper and film, with thick film to protect them, save the trouble of edge sealing.

At present, there are mainly four bar bars in the wood-based panel industry. They are medium-fibre board made of plant fibers, Particleboard Made of various kinds of crumbs, plywood bonded layer by layer, and large core board made of small pieces of wood. There are big differences in the amount of glue used for these four kinds of sheets, but the amount of formaldehyde released depends on the quality inspection report. The glue can be divided into good and bad ones. Perhaps a ton of good glue is not as good as a bag of bad glue.

Medium Fiber Board: Door Face

Alias: MDF, MDF

Scope of application: cabinet door

Medium density fiberboard is a kind of density board. This kind of board looks like a pile of wood flour pressed together from the side, in fact, these wood flour are plant fibers, very delicate. Modeling will be particularly easy, especially the classical style of cabinet doors, are basically contracted by the medium-fibre board.

Conversely, bathroom cabinets that need to be loaded and easily wetted will not be made of MDF. Because the edge of MDF is rough, it is easy to absorb water and expand, and the nail holding force is not good. It can't sing or dance in the board heavenly group, it can only play the role of beauty.

Particleboard: load-bearing

Alias: scrap board, bagasse board, hemp stalk board

Scope of application: cabinet body, laminate, etc.

Particleboard belongs to environmental protection board, look at its alias. Particleboard can be made of wood chips, particleboard, wood filament, sawdust and other debris, also known as debris board. It can also be made from plant stalks and seed hulls, such as bagasse, hemp stalk and straw. The corresponding products are called bagasse board, hemp stalk board and grass incense board. They come from a wide range of sources and have low production costs.

Particleboard has high strength, high density and bearing capacity. Wardrobes, cabinets, porch cabinets and other panel furniture cabinets and laminates are mostly particleboard, which is equivalent to a good voice and strength that can not be lost in the panel heavenly mass.

Particleboard family has a large number of people, one of which is called Oriented Particleboard (OSB), which is well known. However, Ousong board belongs to structural materials. It is good for building houses and bridges. It is seldom used in decorative materials, so it is not discussed here.

Plywood: Savior of Bathroom Cabinet

Alias: Multilayer Board, Multilayer Solid Board, Sanhe/Lieboard, Wuhe/Lieboard, Jiuhe/Lieboard, and 13he/Lieboard, Plywood

Scope of application: toilet, cabinet, laminate, etc.

Plywood, also known as multilayer board, is composed of thin wood chips with 3-13 layers of fibers perpendicular to each other, which can effectively avoid wood cracking due to anisotropy.

In addition to the excellent performance of plywood in load-bearing and nail-holding force, there is also a killer mace: moisture-proof. Plywood can be divided into Class I, Class II and Class III. Class I has good waterproofing and weatherability, and can be used as outdoor materials. Class II has good waterproofing property and can be used in bathrooms which are easy to be damp. If you use particleboard and MDF in the bathroom, I'm afraid you'll have plenty of water.

With the popularity of mirror cabinets, the bathroom can not do without plywood, because mirror cabinet doors are much heavier than ordinary cabinet doors, requiring both moistureproof and strong nail gripping plates as the source of cabinet materials: living in Faner Beijing Model Room

Big core board: unstable edge person

Alias: Blockboard, Malacca Deck, Woodboard

Scope of application: fewer and fewer

The large core board is made of various solid wood cores, and there are two panels on the front and back. Because the core bar is much larger than particles and plant fibers, it is called large core board. And because the big core board was first put together manually by woodworkers, it has the alias of woodwork board and woodwork board.

Tere is a lot of wood in the large core board, but it seldom becomes the leading role of cabinets, bathroom cabinets and wardrobes, mainly because the wood properties are not as stable as wood-based panels. Once, the big core board also played an important role in the flooring team. With the popularization of damp-proof mats, the big core board gradually lost the job. It is hard to say when it will quit the board heavenly regiment.

Although the big core board is not mixing well, its young lady and sister finger splices take off the two-layer board, but mix in the furniture industry, later on, talk about furniture in detail.

Who can control the little devil of formaldehyde?

Finally came to the point - formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is abundant in board adhesives, either without adhesives, or without adhesives containing formaldehyde, or without adhesives running out. Which of the three is possible? Let's have a look.

It's better to look at the quality inspection report than at the adhesives.

If less glue is used, it may be a large core board. The middle of the large core board is spliced with small pieces of wood. Generally, it is not sizing, but only sizing the surface and the back of the two-layer board. However, the large core board is easy to crack, damp and deformation, and is not easy to use. Medium fiberboard, particleboard and plywood use almost the same amount of glue, there is basically no option not to use glue.

Formaldehyde comes from the glue used in the production of sheet metal. UF resin, phenolic resin, melamine formaldehyde resin and MDI glue are common. The price is affordable, widely used and the formaldehyde content is high unfortunately the same kind - urea formaldehyde resin, more than 2,000 yuan per ton. The MDI glue without formaldehyde is about 20,000 tons.

But can't you buy the board with urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin and melamine-formaldehyde resin? No, it's hard for us to judge the conversion relationship between glue composition, dose and formaldehyde release as soon as we turn around. It's better to look directly at the reliable spectrum from the quality inspection report. As long as the merchant can get the quality inspection report of the national standard E1 level, your favorite cabinet is no problem.

Check the edge of the cabinet before buying it

Edge sealing is an important process in sheet metal processing. Machine edge sealing made by large factories has quality control. It feels very smooth. It just covers the sheet metal without glue overflow.

Check the edge of the cabinet carefully to see if it is well sealed and if there is any damaged or leaky place map source: living in Faner Beijing Model Room

Conversely, if the above situation occurs, it is likely that there is no quality control of small factories, so that substandard products flow to the market.


Solid wood veneer and baking varnish are more expensive, followed by PP film and plastic absorption, and double veneer and spray paint are more affordable. When choosing decoration, we can choose "face" according to its appearance. There is little relationship between decoration and formaldehyde emission.

The substrates are medium fibre board, particleboard, plywood and large core board.

Large core board: the wood content is too high, the nature is unstable;

Medium fibre board: make cabinet door material;

Particleboard: suitable for cabinet and laminate;

Plywood: Load-bearing and waterproof, bathroom cabinet can't do without it!

The amount of glue used for each kind of board is different, and the glue also has the content of formaldehyde. But the release of formaldehyde should be based on the quality inspection report, so there is no need to worry about E1 grade.


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