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What are the boards for custom wardrobes?

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What are the boards for custom wardrobes?

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What are the boards for custom wardrobes?

I. Eco-board

Ecological board is also called rabbit lacquer board and melamine board. The base material used in the middle is the decorative panel of multi-layer solid wood and blockboard (such as Malacca, Poplar, etc.). Called ecological board is too general, because as long as the pollution is less than the traditional board, it can also be said to be environmentally friendly. The board that achieves ecological protection can also be called ecological board.

2. Large core board

It is made of two pieces of veneer, which are joined together by glue pressure, commonly known as joinery board. It is divided into large core board for indoor and outdoor wardrobe in Guizhou customized wardrobe. Of course, the environmental protection characteristics of large core board for outdoor wardrobe can be deteriorated. The quality of the board is also directly related to the "core" of large core board, if the core is light, softer and absorbs moisture. Large, poor nail holding force, not easy to dry, the sheet made in the use process, when the water evaporation, the sheet is easy to crack deformation. The pine wood is hard, not easy to press, the splicing structure is not good, the nail holding force is poor, and the deformation coefficient is large. Moreover, in the production process, the wood strip is subjected to less extrusion force, uneven splicing, large gap, poor nail holding force, and can not be sawed. It is only suitable for some sub-projects of decoration, such as mattress board for solid wood flooring. This kind of board is commonly used in decoration of exterior walls.

3. Fingerplate

Small solid wood blocks, custom wardrobe board made of bonded teeth, various specifications, small wood texture. Firstly, the water content of fingerboard is relatively large, so it is easy to deform with the change of weather. Good brands will not use fingerboard. Use round wood tenons or biscuit tenons to link, so you can see a clear serrated connection. The fingerprint of the cabinet door made of fingerboard is ugly. Water-based paint and varnish are recommended for surface treatment. They are not environmentally friendly. Style is not easy to match.

IV. Density Plate

Density board, also known as fiberboard, is made of wood-based materials such as trunk wood, branch wood or other plant fibers by hot grinding, sizing, drying and hot pressing after paving. It is not easy to deform and its physical properties are basically the same as those of ordinary wood. The nineties of the twentieth century originated from a new type of wood-based panels. Since its inception, the product has been popular in the market, active in building materials, furniture, household appliances, musical instruments, vehicles and shipbuilding and other industrial fields, the use of expanding year by year.

V. Particleboard

Particleboard, or particulate board, is a kind of wood-based panel, which is made of wood or other wood-based material particles and glued by adhesives under the action of heat and pressure. The process is relatively simple and the cost is low. It has the advantages of physical compression resistance and poor flexibility. It is often used in short cabinets. Due to the large gap between particles, the amount of glue used is more, and the environmental protection performance is worse; the process of more complex processes can not be completed, such as carving, engraving, modeling, etc., it is easy to jump; the plate with thickness less than 9 mm can not be produced, and the strength can not meet the requirements of the National standard, so it can only be replaced by medium fiberboard. There are many vendors on the market. Home will take a commercial name for this kind of board "solid wood particulate board", which is misleading to consumers.


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